Bethany Goldblum is a research scientist in the UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering, and co-PI for the NSSC. She founded BANG (the Bay Area Neutron Group) and is active in both the science and the policy of nuclear security.






Chris Stewart is a postdoctoral scholar in the UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering; he is also a member of the Bay Area Neutron Group. In addition to nonproliferation and nuclear security, his interests include building strategies for mitigating the challenges of the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle.


James Bevins is an Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering in the Engineering Physics Department of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).  He serves as the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) Endowed Term Chair for Nuclear Treaty Monitoring and the Nuclear Expertise for Advancing Technology (NEAT) Center Research Chair.  He is easily interested in all things nuclear.


Jon Whetzel is research engineer at Sandia National Laboratories and adjunct professor for gaming & animation at the University of New Mexico. His research in machine learning and artificial intelligence has been applied to several applications including: commercial & educational video games, nuclear site security, and immersive training simulators for DoD & DOE. He’s co-founder of Quantum Kingdom, an AI/ML startup company formed out of the UC Berkeley Skydeck accelerator.

Arman Hashemizadeh is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley where he majored in Physics. His interests include software development, machine learning, and statistics. In the future, he intends to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Science.


Jake Tibbetts is a Computer Science and Global Studies student at UC Berkeley. In addition to the Complexity Group, Jake currently holds a research assistant position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and has been published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Jake is a part of the Nuclear Policy Working Group and has worked on the Project on Nuclear Gaming.


Marcus Brinker is a masters student in Nuclear Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT). His interests lie in nuclear forensics and detection, machine learning, and nonproliferation policy. In the future, he intends to pursue further education in Computer Science.
Araav Patel is a Computer Science student at University of California, Berkeley. His interests lie in the intersection of computer science with fields like security, social inequities, nuclear security, and more. Specifically, Araav is interested in the applications of machine learning and has held research positions at San Jose State University and University of California, Davis.
Samira Sriram is a third year student at UC Berkeley studying Applied Mathematics with a minor in Ethnic Studies. On campus she works in the ASUC, teaches a DeCal, and dances on a nationally ranked Indian dance team. Her interests include statistical modeling, machine learning, and critical race theory.